Errol Dunkley

Linking up in Kingston

Adabu Foundation on a mission! For the next few days, our representatives reach out to Veteran Artists in Kingston to find out how they fare.

Thanks to wonderful people such as Earl “Chinna” Smith, Matthias Reulecke, Junior Vibes, Gabriele Brown, Rafael Ruiz and KushArt, we found the right spots to meet those legends still living among us – like Errol Dunkley at Soundwave Studio in the picture above. These encounters will result in portraits of the artists right on this site, so stay tuned!

Thanks to you, dear donors, we are able to offer quick and unbureaucratic help for elders who are in any form of need. Last year has been overwhelming in the support expressed for our goals: donations received us from good souls who asked their Birthday-guests to give money instead of presents, from a door contribution of two Reggae-Parties in Hamburg, from our members, from a band called Di Droegenbwoys and even from a lady in Croatia who sent a small token to be given to Junior Byles.

Please link up also in case you are interested in assuring a Veteran income by booking a jingle or dubplate.

Forward ever!

Foto (c) China Hopson