Mural by EyeDealist Matthew McCarthy

There are several ways in which you can support our work. First of all: be positive! With small acts of kindness towards your neighbours or the elders of your community, a lot is achieved already. If you want to do more, here is how:

1. Become a supporting member

If you want to become a supporting member of the Adabu Foundation, please send us a short written note including your name, date of birth and current postal address to: adabu-foundation[at] or use the contact form (*CLICK HERE*).

The supporting members support the objectives of the association by paying an annual membership fee (12,- € or more) and, if desired, additionally through their personal commitment. Apart from the payment of the annual membership fee, no further obligations arise from membership.

2. Donate

You can DONATE any amount of money to the following account:


IBAN: DE14 8306 5408 0004 9733 72


Or simply click the button below to donate via Paypal:

For your donation, you’ll receive a donation receipt (Spendenbescheinigung).

3. Support us locally

If you have time to spare and are willing to help on the spot, please contact us.