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As you might have read in our news section, we started to support Junior Byles already two years ago. The singer who blessed us with musical cornerstones such as “Curly Locks” (1970), “Rasta No Pickpocket” (1973) or “Fade Away” (1975) had to overcome difficult times in his life and is now in dire need of assistance, as both his mental and his physical health have deteriorated.
ADABU met his younger sister Janet Byles in Kingston this March, and she told us about his ongoing struggles. She presented us with medical bills of his most recent examinations and treatment that amounted to JA $ 16,000 (around 120 US$ or 107 €), an expense the foundation gladly covered thanks to YOUR donations!
As the family can’t cover all costs needed for care-taking, however, we kindly ask for further assistance. DONATE with the reason for payment “Junior Byles” if you wish to support this foundation artist!

Phots (c) China Hopson

Janet Byles, youngest sister of Reggae singer Junior Byles , during the interview for Adabu Foundation in Kingston, Jamaica.